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Spectra Raintree

Located near Richard’s Park, Bangalore; Spectra Raintree is a 1.35 acre wooded property. Spectra Raintree was designed to accommodate greenery both at its centre and at its peripheries. What resulted is a quiet, green retreat with access to modern amenities like a well-equipped gym, a tucked-away pool, a central courtyard and other open spaces that promotes community living and togetherness.


Courtyard Homes


Spectra Raintree was planned on an existing erstwhile farm and flower nursery, called the fernery.

Preserving the old trees, the flora & the green environment while building this modern residential dwelling in harmony with the existing green landscape, so close to the central business district in Bangalore, is the key achievement of the project.

Add to this, an innovative design method, construction processes and practices, therefore ensuring a minimal non-intrusive façade so as to let the central green courtyard shine.

The lucky residents of Spectra Raintree moved in with a natural ready landscape and full grown trees for company.

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Spectra Raintree

Near Richards Park


2 BHK, 3 BHK & 4 BHK

Edgar Demello Architects



Credai Care Awards 2015 | Winner

Best Residential Dwelling (Under 1,500 Sq. ft.)

Spectra Raintree

"Thus, the fernery makes a metaphorical transition into becoming the Raintree.

“Spectra Raintree is case for preserving natural heritage and building in harmony with nature. 

The focal point of design was to see how to preserve the naturally occurring central green cover & peripheral trees and integrate them into the project.


What resulted were four building blocks looking into a central courtyard which creates a dynamic interplay of the natural with the man-made, between the landscape and the architecture & between the public spaces and the need for privacy. Architecture here was a product of the forces contained within the site together with an understanding of minimalistic modern contemporary living.

Edgar Demello Architects EDA


"The best of everything? Possible.

Project Gallery

"The best of all worlds? Possible.


"One foot in Old Bangalore, One foot in New Bangalore? Possible.

Near Richard's Park | Bangalore

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